• You’re hauling a trailer that’s 3,000 pounds or heavier
  • Your gross trailer weight (GTW) is more than 50% of your vehicle’s weight (GVW)
  • You have experienced trailer sway while towing
  • Your tow vehicle’s headlights tilt upwards, making it difficult to see the road
  • You find it challenging to steer or stop suddenly
  • You can see a dip or sag where your trailer connects to your tow vehicle
  • You want to tow the highest capacity allowed with your trailer hitch

What Is A Weight Distribution Hitch?

Weight distribution systems are designed to “balance out” your towing system. They work by taking the tongue weight of the trailer off of the connection point and re-distributing it across the trailer axles and front axle of the towing vehicle. This enables a much smoother, more stable ride with superior steering and braking control, especially over dips and rougher roads.

For some RV travel trailers, weight distribution hitches are a legal requirement. No matter the laws, if you’re hauling a trailer 3,000 pounds or heavier, or are close to the maximum towing capacity allowed by your trailer hitch — you need a weight distribution system to stay safe on the road.

Minimize Sway and Maximize Safety

If you’re a towing veteran, you know how quickly trailer sway can get out of hand. The “tail wagging the dog” phenomenon is an incredibly dangerous situation that can quickly turn into a wreck, and it’s often caused by poor weight distribution.

To minimize your risk of trailer sway, equip your tow system with a reliable weight distributing system. At the very least, we recommend investing in an appropriate weight distribution hitch in combination with an anti-sway system and suspension helpers.

Get Started at Trademasters

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