Ratcheting Tie Down Kit

Trademasters is highlighting our ratcheting tie down kit because if you have any sort of toy, from an ATV or a boat to an RV or a motorcycle, you will need tie downs. They are a universal must-have for toy owners. These Line-X tie downs are heavy duty and get the job done. They won’t let your toys move once engaged, and you don’t have to worry about them. These tie downs also double as a tow strap when you need it. Order yours from us today!

Step Bars

If you’ve ever climbed in and out of a pick up truck without step bars, you know how difficult it can be, and the shorter you are, the more challenging it becomes. This can also be a slip hazard when it gets icy out as well. Trademasters in Chilliwack offers many different types of step bars, so you can choose the style that will work for you. You can choose step bars that have pads for where you step, so you won’t slip when entering and exiting the vehicle. Some are stainless steel with superb warranties. You can either install them yourselves or call our team to help. Many people prefer a drop step, which gives you a boost but doesn’t run the whole length of your pickup. Stop by your showroom today to see which one you like better!

Truck Bed Covers

It’s nice to be able to cover your gear to protect it from the spring rainstorm or the winter squall that will inevitably arise here in Chilliwack. We offer many different kinds of truck covers, including Tonneau covers. We feature some that roll up and some that fold, which are hard sided. No matter the style you choose, your Tonneau cover will get the job done. You can still tow all of your toys, and have a nice covered space when you need it. Browse our selection today!