Getting out in nature is one of the best things you can do to relax and unwind from the hectics of your daily life. From breathing in fresh air to watching the stars come out at night and seeing all sorts of animals lead their lives, nature can recharge your batteries and get your juices flowing for the days ahead.

Trademasters Vehicle Solutions in Chilliwack offers the best trailer accessories for your recreational vehicle. From trailer hitches to suspension and brake upgrades, we can have your RV ready to hit the road in style. Our expert team can LINE-X your trailer as well to protect it from the dings of travel and ensure you have everything you need to be comfortable inside. After all, having a trailer allows you to bring your home favorites along with you. Below, we’ll go over some must-have trailer accessories. Contact us today to get started!


RV Water Pressure Regulator

An RV water pressure regulator ultimately protects your hoses from the high pressure that most campground water flows at. This high pressure can cause leaks in your RV hoses, which are not quite as strong as your metal pipes at home. Some campgrounds have this system built in, but others do not. Trademasters Vehicle Solutions in Chilliwack notes that the recommended water pressure for a camper or a trailer should be around 50 pounds per square inch. An RV water pressure regulator automatically curbs the water pressure coming from the campground. These water pressure regulators are extremely affordable and well worth saving your hoses from bursting, potentially causing water damage to your trailer.

A Quiet Generator

When you are camping in the woods, you’ll need a generator. A generator supplies power to your camper or trailer so that you can use the microwave, run the air conditioning, and make your morning cup of coffee. There are many different brands of generators with different horsepowers. Trademasters Vehicle Solutions in Chilliwack recommends that you purchase this camper accessory with enough horsepower to be able to run multiple systems at a time and that you invest in a quiet generator. After all, the last thing you want is either be in the woods and disturb nature due to the sonic boom of your generator, or not be able to sleep because your generator does not purr, but it roars instead.

Air Compressor

If you own a bike, a car, or any other motorized wheel vehicle, odds are, you also own an air compressor. However, it’s super important when you are traveling to have an air compressor along in case you get a flat tire or your RV or truck needs air. It can also come in handy if you are traveling with other items that need air, such as bikes or paddleboards. Trademasters Vehicle Solutions in Chilliwack recommends you get a smaller-sized air compressor for easy storage to have as a camper accessory.

Coffee Maker

Let’s face it, most of us get out of bed in the morning for the sole purpose of having coffee. Some of us even program our coffee to make right before we get out of bed so that when we emerge from hibernation, we’ll have our caffeine kick ready to go.

When you are camping and traveling throughout British Columbia, you’ll most definitely need your cup of morning Joe to get you going. By investing in your favorite coffee maker, you’ll be ready to start your day the right way — and you can watch the sun rise as well.


When it comes to camping, you want to be comfortable. Sure, you are “roughin’ it,” but you still want to be comfortable, and in today’s world, you can have all of the amenities of home wherever you go. From WiFi to coffee, showers, and air conditioning, you want to enjoy your travels by staying comfortable and happy.

Trademasters Vehicle Solutions in Chilliwack offers the best towing and trailer accessories for your recreational towing needs. Our team also offers trailer repair and maintenance to ensure your motorhome is ready for the open roads. We can install a lift package to make your trailer tow smoother, as well as help you choose the perfect trailer hitch, wheels and tires, and more. Our mission is to help you enjoy your free time by helping you make your camper exactly how you want it.

When you partner with us, you’ll be sure to not only enjoy camping, but also to have everything you need to make camping easy. Contact our camper accessories store today!