Keeps Your Belongings Safe

An open pickup bed is an open invitation to thieves to just reach in and grab whatever is in the back of your pickup truck. If you are hauling hundreds of dollars of work tools around, leaving them for even a little while, such as to grab lunch, can be risky. When you invest in a Tonneau bed cover for your pickup, you will prevent thieves from stealing your valuables since most Tonneau covers come with a locking mechanism. Thus, thieves would have to cut your bed cover to perpetrate their crime, which, given that most crimes are crimes of opportunity, severely lessens that likelihood.

Improves Gas Mileage

This is a little-known fact that Trademasters in Chilliwack wants to emphasize. By installing a Tonneau cover on the back of your pickup, you will create less drag, which will increase the gas mileage of your pickup truck between five and 10 percent. If you add that savings up over time, your truck cover just paid for itself!

Protects From the Elements

How many times have you been caught in a sudden rainstorm in Chilliwack coming home from the grocery store? If you haven’t yet purchased a Tonneau cover from Trademasters Vehicle Solutions, then your groceries will be soaking wet by the time you get home, which will create quite the mess when you unload. However, if you do have a truck bed cover, your groceries will be out of the rain and nice and dry when you arrive home. Living in Chilliwack where it snows a lot, having a Tonneau cover is essential to protect your belongings from the Rocky Mountain weather.

Increases Your Truck’s Value

One of the main benefits of a Tonneau cover is that it protects the bed of your pickup from damage done by the sun, rain, and snow. Your truck bed could be susceptible to rust if the paint is scratched off (which if you have a Line-X spray-on bedliner installed by Trademasters in Chilliwack is highly unlikely) and then the elements get to it. Also, many people love to have bed covers on their pickup trucks, so if you sell your pickup, your truck will be worth more with the cover than without it.

Offers Extra Storage

Let’s face it, we all need more storage in our lives. While we might not consider ourselves packrats, when it comes to mountain trips, you have to be prepared for anything, which means having all of the right truck gear in case you need it. When you invest in a Tonneau bed cover, you will instantly create extra storage for all of your camping items, coolers while hiking, and fishing gear. Having a lockable place to store your truck gear is invaluable while traveling and offers peace of mind as well.