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Bye Bye, Bumpy Roads

Most of us know what poor suspension feels like at either end of the spectrum. Too “stiff,” and every little bump in the road will rattle your bones and jostle you around. Too “soft,” and that same little bump will have you swaying like a figurehead on the bow of a ship.

Most vehicles are designed for ideal suspension performance out of the factory, but the addition of a towing system can throw everything off. Some campers can weigh up to 3,500 pounds, and the pin weight alone for a large 5th-wheel trailer can exceed one ton! That’s a lot of added load for your suspension systems.

What Do Suspension Upgrades Do?

This is where suspension helpers come in. The right suspension support can dramatically improve your towing experience by:

  • Minimizing side-to-side sway when crossing uneven surfaces
  • Providing a comfortable ride that’s not too stiff and not too soft over bumps
  • Adjusting your ride height and leveling your load for smoother, safer handling
  • Giving you confidence in the safety and efficacy of your towing setup

An important note: suspension helpers do not allow you to haul more weight than your vehicle is rated to carry. They will not bear additional weight — they only help carry the existing load with greater stability.

Get Your Towing Accessories at Trademasters

At Trademasters in Chilliwack, we’ve helped hundreds of people build the ideal towing system for their vehicles. If you want to find the right towing accessories and suspension upgrades for your needs, contact us today! We can help you consider a number of options for improving handling and comfort, including:

  • Air bag suspension kits
  • Timbren load boosters
  • Add-a-lead suspension kits
  • SumoSprings®
  • And more!

Contact us today to discuss the right suspension options for your vehicle. We’re ready to help you optimize your towing system to be as smooth, safe, and stable as possible!