If you’re like most RV and camper owners, then you’re probably looking for better ways to tow your load. Larger campers can weigh up to 3,500 pounds, and the pin weight for a large fifth-wheel trailer can weigh 2,000 pounds — or more!

Extra suspension support can benefit your RVing experience in several ways. Side-to-side sway when hauling a camper or that soft feel when you go through a dip can be reduced greatly with an airbag kit or a Timbren load booster.

An airbag can adjust your ride height or level your load, simply by adding more air to the bags.

Timbren Load Boosters are a suspension support that takes the side-to-side sway out of hauling a camper.

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*Extra load support does not allow you to haul more weight than your vehicle is rated to carry. Always check your owner’s manual and door tag for factory tow ratings.