Camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor sports are extremely popular here in Chilliwack — and for obvious reasons. When you live in such a beautiful location, you can’t help but get out and enjoy it.

Trademasters Vehicle Solutions offers a wide variety of solutions for all of your vehicles. Whether you are looking to outfit your truck, your fifth-wheel camper, or your RV, we can help. We have a great trailer service department that can help you both install and choose your trailer and RV accessories. From trailer hitches and couplers to tires and wheels, we’ve got your needs covered. Whether you want to install a canopy or you’re looking to install an outdoor shower, our team can offer fast service. 

If you are an off-road enthusiast, we can help ensure your vehicle is ready to tackle the toughest rock climbing challenges and trails. We can install LED lights so that when you’re out on the trail at night, you can find your way home easily. We offer a myriad of solar power kits for your trailer’s needs. No matter what you need, we can get it for you.

Experience the best customer service at Trademasters in Chilliwack. Stop by in person, shop online, or reach out to a team member to get started today!

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