Many people love their rooftop tents, and for good reason. There are many benefits to having one. Below, we’ll take a look at some of those benefits, and contact us to learn more.


Sleep Off the Ground

If you’ve ever been tent camping, you have to find the perfect place to pitch your tent. You have to find a flat area, remove any sticks, debris, and rocks, and then pitch your tent. If it rains, you could have rain come in your tent or a mud pit outside. With a rooftop tent, you will avoid all of those pitfalls and more. You’ll have a better view because you will be elevated, and your tent will stay cleaner because you can shake your shoes out before climbing up for bed. You’ll also stay cooler in the summer when the wind blows, as the wind will hit your entire tent, including below.

Avoid the Critters

A rooftop tent allows you to avoid the critters who may be attracted to your human food. From bears to squirrels, raccoons, spiders, and snakes, a variety of wildlife could come and visit you when you are in the woods. With a rooftop tent, it is highly unlikely that you’ll be bothered, especially if you store the ladder when not in use. Your truck gear is also safer when it’s elevated since it would be harder to steal from you.

Super Easy Setup

Setting up a rooftop tent is easy. There are no poles to put together as they are already in place. Simply find your camping place, open up your rooftop tent, and in minutes, your tent will be ready for your use.


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