We carry the spray-on bedliners you need!

Here at Trademasters, we know that you depend on your truck every day of the week. Whether you’re heading to work in icy conditions or you’re out with your friends on a weekend hunting trip, you need to know that your truck can handle anything that you and the elements throw at it. Trademasters is proud to provide LINE-X installations in Chilliwack – read on to learn more about this amazing spray-on product, and get in touch with Trademasters to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.

LINE-X Installations in Chilliwack

Leading the industry in truck bed protection and taking first place when it comes to customer satisfaction, LINE-X uses specially formulated polymers and heated, high-pressure plural component spraying equipment to permanently bond to your truck’s bed. In simpler terms, LINE-X is a thick, slip-resistant substance that stands between your truck and the outside world.

LINE-X is seriously tough, and it will protect the bed of your truck from just about anything you can dish out. In fact, LINE-X will almost surely outlast the useful life of your truck. We’re so confident in this claim that our LINE-X installations come with a lifetime warranty, and it’s not just for truck beds – LINE-X can protect rockers, fender wells, bumpers, and more!

Many customers come to our truck accessory store in Chilliwack wondering why they should choose LINE-X over a drop-in bedliner, and the reasons are numerous:


As we noted above, LINE-X is one of the toughest substances available for consumers to purchase. It’s used by the military to mitigate bomb blasts and protect soldiers from bullets, and it’s unlikely that your truck will ever experience that level of force. LINE-X can handle furniture, appliances, and anything else you need to transport in the bed of your truck.


Unlike drop-in bedliners, LINE-X fills every nook and cranny of your truck’s bed, meaning that no area goes without protection. This prevents dirt, dust, and water from building up, as well as preventing rust and corrosion. Moreover, the fact that LINE-X completely fills your truck bed maximizes the amount of free space your bed – every inch matters when you’re hauling a big load.

Aesthetic Appeal

No matter how functional your truck may be, you bought it at least partially because of its aesthetic appeal. From the exterior paint to the material on your seats, you take pride in your truck, and as such, you should take pride in the bed as well. Many of the cheaper truck beds available on today’s market can make your truck look unprofessional or clash with the exterior paint. LINE-X, on the other hand, won’t fade in the sun or add an enormous logo to your truck’s bed. Instead, your LINE-X installation will create a rugged look that lasts for years to come.

Convenient Installation

While traditional bedliner installations require you to drill holes into your truck’s bed, a LINE-X installation can be performed quickly by a professional applicator without causing any damage to your vehicle. Normal bedliners often come loose due to prolonged exposure to vibrations, but when you come to Trademasters for a LINE-X installation in Chilliwack, we’ll ensure that everything has been installed properly before we hand you the keys.

Easy Repairs

Drop-in bedliners can only be replaced, causing you to purchase a new one every few months, or years if you’re lucky. However, you’ll have to clean out the dirt and debris that has collected under the liner before you can install a new one, which only prolongs the process. When you choose LINE-X, you’re choosing to install a spray-on bedliner that won’t need a second thought.

Environmentally Safe

Many commercially available vehicle products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), both of which are harmful to the environment. You’ll be pleased to know that LINE-X supports a healthier planet and contains no hazardous compounds, including VOCs and CFCs.


There’s almost nothing worse than feeling like your truck bed is hurting your hearing every time you hit the road. You might simply have a noisy bed, or your current bedliner may have a few loose screws that won’t stay in place. No matter what’s causing your truck’s bed to make noise on the road, LINE-X’s shock-absorbing qualities will dampen the sound and allow you to focus on the drive.

LINE-X can also offer the same protection to industrial, agriculture, and commercial applications. Just get in touch with a member of our staff to learn about commercial uses for LINE-X.

You’re Covered by a Lifetime Warranty!

Here at Trademasters, we believe in each and every one of our products. We won’t sell you anything we wouldn’t install on our own vehicles, and you can work with us knowing that we’ve chosen to provide our customers with exclusively top-of-the-line products. Your LINE-X installation will be covered by a lifetime warranty, and while we’re confident that your new spray-on bedliner will stand up to anything you can throw at it, we’ll happily repair it if anything happens on the road.

If you’re ready to get started with a LINE-X installation, then get in touch with us today to request a quote! We look forward to speaking with you soon.