Spray-On Bedliners

Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Leading the industry in truck bed protection, Line-X uses specially formulated polymers, and heated, high pressure plural component spraying equipment to permanently bond to your truck’s bed.

Protecting it from just about anything you can dish out. In fact, Line-X will outlast the useful life of your truck.  We’re so sure of it, Line-X comes with a lifetime warranty, and it’s not just for truck beds. Line-X can protect rockers, fenderwells, bumpers and more.

Line-X can also offer the same protection to industrial, agriculture, and commercial applications.

Lifetime Warranty

• Line-X is so tough, it’s been used by the US military for bomb blast mitigation….now that’s TOUGH.
• Tougher than paint
• Won’t cause rust and corrosion like drop-ins
• No-skid texture (even when wet)
• Spill resistant