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  1. Tips to Plan Your Summer RV Trip trademasters chilliwack

    Tips to Plan Your Summer RV Trip

    Summer is almost upon us, and everyone in Chilliwack is on-edge, planning and anticipating what the warm weather will bring. Those with campers and RVs are probably itching to hit the road and explore new places. You may even be preparing your camper and RV with spring cleaning and maintenance repairs so that when the time comes, you are 100% ready. Now, all that's left is deciding where you want …Read More

  2. Camper Accessories Chilliwack: RV Trips in the Winter: Here's What You Need to Know trademasters vehicle solutions chilliwack

    RV Trips in the Winter: Here’s What You Need to Know

    Many people love to go RVing all year long. The winter offers less crowds on the roads and at the popular tourist destinations. Plus, the winter snow is beautiful to see no matter where you go, from the Rocky Mountains to lakes and streams. It's also very quiet and serene and a great way to escape the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature. Trademasters Vehicle Solutions in Chilliwack is your…Read More

  3. Best Fall Colour Tours in Your Camper trademasters chilliwack

    Best Fall Colour Tours in Your Camper

    Many people absolutely love fall. Out of all the inventions of the universe, having leaves die, turn colors, and fall in order for a tree to conserve energy during the long winter months is one of the best for human eyes. You can drive down the highway and be assaulted by a rainbow of colors that brings a smile to your face despite the not-so-fun day you may be having. Thus, fall is a favourite ti…Read More

  4. 5 Off-Roading Adventures for Your British Columbia Bucket List

    As residents of British Columbia, we’re lucky to live close to some of the most beautiful and rugged wilderness in the world — but a lot of it can only be accessed with a 4x4 vehicle. If you’re ready to take your Jeep, truck, or overlanding vehicle off the beaten path, then we’ve got the perfect trails to add to your bucket list. Get your vehicle prepared for anything with 4x4 parts and ac…Read More

  5. 2 Common Drivability Problems For Class A Motorhomes — And How to Fix Them

    As Chilliwack’s premier source for high-quality truck, camper, and towing accessories, the Trademasters team fields a lot of questions about how to give your motorhome the smoothest ride possible. In today’s post, our motorhome accessories experts will go over two common drivability issues for class A motorhomes, and then provide solutions (and our recommended products) for each. Read on to le…Read More

  6. Welcome to Trademasters!

    Welcome to the new Trademasters Vehicle Solutions website, and thank you for stopping by! We’re proud to be the go-to supplier of truck accessories, trailer hitches, and recreational towing supplies in Chilliwack and the surrounding areas. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about who we are and what we can do for your vehicle, so continue reading below to learn more …Read More