Van Upfit Tips trademasters vehicle solutions chilliwack

Van upfits can be the difference between spending hours searching for tools and having your tools handy, right where you need them. A van upfit is where shelves and other components are installed so that you have more room in your van for storage and you can access and organize your tools more readily. From shelves and bins to racks, drawers, and cabinets, a van upfit can help you save time on the job.

Trademasters Vehicle Solutions offers van upfitting services in Chilliwack. We understand how vital it is to not misplace or even lose your tools. After all, this could lead to many unnecessary delays in your job. When you partner with us, we can customize the interior of your van so that your work days will go smoothly. Below, we’ll offer up some upfit tips for your van. Contact our van accessory store to get started today!


Draw Your Plans Out

Your needs are unique, even in your industry. You may do things differently than the other guy, which is why a custom van upfit from Trademasters is the way to go. However, before you start, you’ll want to carefully think about your needs and what exactly you want. Most van upfits are nailed in and installed so they don’t move. It’s easier to get your design right the first time than to try and fix it later if you’ve forgotten something. Take the time to make a quick sketch of what you are thinking and what you want for your van upfit.

Balance Storage with Accessibility

It’s easy to get caught up in the cool drawers, cabinets, and bins available for storage in your van. However, if you install too many boxes, you’ll have a hard time finding items you need and accessing them quickly. Instead, try to find a balance between having enough storage to organize your items, but also having enough racks and carts you can just grab and go when need be.

Consider “Would Like” Items

For most of us, we tend to just think of what we need. After we have our needs fulfilled, we tend to think of what we’d like next. This same thought process carries over into the work world. Instead, Trademasters Vehicle Solutions in Chilliwack suggests to think of your “would likes” along with your “must-haves.” Oftentimes, the “would likes” can be squeezed in when we are starting from scratch, so your van upfit will be perfect, indeed!


Trademasters Vehicle Solutions is your source for van upfits in Chilliwack. When you have van shelving, bins, and more storage options installed in your van, you’ll immediately notice the difference in your day. You’ll be more organized, calmer, and you’ll get your work done sooner, so you then can enjoy your leisurely time, perhaps up in the mountains or camping. We offer a whole host of solutions for your truck, trailer, and towing needs. Contact our truck accessory shop to get started today!