Are you getting ready to tow your vehicle behind your motorhome? Whether it’s your first time hooking it up, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for the peace of mind and satisfaction of checking things off a list, our towing experts at Trademasters in Chilliwack have put together a full vehicle-in-tow checklist for your convenience.

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Hook Up Procedure:

To hook up your vehicle to be towed behind your motorhome:

  1. Position vehicle behind motorhome, as centered as possible.
  2. Unfold tow bar arms and pin them into the base plate.
  3. Hook up the light wiring lead cord and safety cables
    • If you have a diesel pusher with air brakes, hook up the brake system airline
  4. Slowly back your vehicle up to the tow bar and click into place
    • If one side does not lock, turn the vehicle’s steering wheel the opposite way and keep backing up until the bar locks. (The tow bar has a minimum rating of 6,000 lbs so don’t be afraid to put some tension on it when locking.)
  5. Set up the vehicle for tow. Follow the instructions exactly as written in the owner’s manual.
  6. Make sure the emergency brake is released and the steering wheel is unlocked. Turn on the braking system (if required by the system).
  7. Perform a light check to make sure everything is properly connected.
  8. Have a good holiday!!!

Unhooking Procedure:

Welcome back! To unhook your vehicle-in-tow from your motorhome:

  1. Set the parking brake on your vehicle.
  2. Follow the unhooking procedures in the owner’s manual, and set transmission in park.
  3. Unlock tow bar, unhook safety cables, unplug wiring harness (and airline, if equipped).
  4. Fold tow bar to stowed position.
  5. You’re ready to drive away!

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