Tips to Plan Your Summer RV Trip trademasters chilliwack

Summer is almost upon us, and everyone in Chilliwack is on-edge, planning and anticipating what the warm weather will bring. Those with campers and RVs are probably itching to hit the road and explore new places. You may even be preparing your camper and RV with spring cleaning and maintenance repairs so that when the time comes, you are 100% ready. Now, all that’s left is deciding where you want to go.

Trademasters Vehicle Solutions in Chilliwack is an authorized dealer for LINE-X spray-on bedliners. In addition, we specialize in truck accessories, trailer service, towing and hauling, off-road gear, van upfits, and more. Our talented team can help you decide the best truck and trailer accessories for your needs. Below, we’ll offer up some tips to help you plan your summer RV trip. Reach out to our truck and trailer accessory store to get started today!


Set Your Budget

Just like any trip, an RV trip can quickly go over budget if you are not careful. From campground fees and gas to food, souvenirs, and park fees, it can be easy to overspend. Thus, before you plan your summer RV trip, sit down and decide how much money you want to spend on this trip. Then plan accordingly and do your best to stick to the plan. While part of the fun of RVing is taking spur-of-the-moment side trips, just make sure these align within your budget, planning for extra is the prudent thing to do.

Book Your Trip

Campgrounds fill up fast in the busy summer travel season. Trademasters Vehicle Solutions recommends that you book your summer RV trip well in advance so that you can get the campground that you want with your preferred amenities. Many campgrounds have pools, hot tubs, playgrounds for the kids, outdoor grills, volleyball nets, and more, which can make your nights fun and help the kids to get their energy out. You may also want to consider saving some money by camping at a rest area or parking lot for one night, too.

Check Road Conditions

Like the saying goes “there is more than one way to skin a cat,” most of the time, there is more than one way to get to your destination. You’ll want to spend some time mapping out your route in order to ensure that your route is RV-travel friendly. Ideally, you would want to avoid off-roading in your RV unless you enjoy being bounced all over the place and possibly running into a flat tire situation. In addition, you can look for scenic byways that can take you into some great British Columbia scenery. And you may see some landform or attraction on the way that would be worth a short detour in order to stop and see.

Enjoy the Process

Vacation is a time to be enjoyed with those you love; it’s not a time to stress. While most likely you will encounter frustrations while on the road with your RV, don’t sweat it. Take the time to soak in nature, the sunrises and sunsets, good coffee, and lots of downtime. Form memories with your loved ones that will last a lifetime. Cook on the grill, make s’mores, watch the campfire roar, and soak in the sounds all around you. That’s what vacation is all about.


Admittedly, camping and RVing are some of the best and most fun ways to spend your summer. You can go at your own pace, see the sights you want to see, and have an immediate home to stay in. You can leave your RV during the day and go exploring an area with another vehicle, too. Or, you can visit the ocean and spend a week lying on the beach doing absolutely nothing but recharging for your life.

The sky’s the limit for summer RV trips, and Trademasters Vehicle Solutions in Chilliwack is here to help you plan. We offer trailer service, so if you need a quick repair or maintenance job, stop on by. We offer off-road trailer packages for towing, as well as braking systems and suspension upgrades. If you are interested in our truck and trailer accessories, stop by today!